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Our Code of Values

Wealth Advisors, Inc. clients are the most important people in this office, whether they are visiting in person, corresponding by mail, or speaking on the phone. All of our clients deserve a timely response to all inquiries or contacts.

  • Our clients are not dependent on us we are dependent on them.
  • Our clients are not an interruption of our work. They are the purpose of it.
  • We are not doing them a favor handling their inquiries. They honor us by giving us an opportunity to earn their business.
  • Our clients are not to be argued with. No one ever wins an argument with a Wealth Advisors, Inc. client.
  • We hold in strictest confidence, and consider as priviledged, all business and personal information pertaining to our clients' affairs.

Richard Kiesel, MBA, CFP®, BFA


(954) 510-1100

(954) 449-9488

Originally from the suburbs of Philadelphia, Rick became entrepreneurial at a young age. Starting as a paperboy in the 3rd grade he graduated to running his own lawn mowing business in middle school and a hair cutting service in high...
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Patricia Henderstein

Chief Operations Officer

(954) 510-1100

(954) 449-9489

Pat has worked in the financial industry since 1975. She started in banking and moved to independent financial planning in 1993. As Chief Operating Officer at Wealth Advisors, Inc., Pat oversees daily operations, works closely with...

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Kayla Webster

Client Support Specialist

(954) 510-1100

(954) 449-9497

Kayla graduated from Florida Atlantic University in 2022 with a bachelor’s degree in finance and minor in operations management. Her interest in finance and operations began in high school when she joined DECA, a student...

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